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100k factory Email marketing has become of the most important methods of marketing used by companies and factories and businessmen in Egypt and the Arab world or Europe has become e-marketing increases the awareness of browsing on the Internet as e-marketing has its effective role in the arrival of the owners of companies to the highest percentage of the market share of the product or service of the giant network, has become the electronic marketing of the most important concerns of companies and small and large factories was marked by e-marketing and e-commerce, they are the most important ways that contribute to the preparation of both local and global product or service to regional boundaries successful presence in the electronic market plans that ensure the popular more of that good or service. In short, it has made e-marketing to get the goods and services possible, without being restricted by time and place.

Open mail marketing firms and business area businesses to market goods and services, without discrimination between the giants and the Alavrd or small companies with limited resources. It is the most important methods of e-marketing mechanisms that characterize low cost and ease of implementation compared to marketing traditional and the consequent rise set for it, unlike e-marketing budget could reduce costs of advertising and publicity ways according to specific budget when it is difficult to apply such mechanisms on the method traditional commercial.

The use of e-marketing for modern processes of marketing and advertising for brands and companies we can simply evaluate the success of an advertising campaign and identify the strengths and weaknesses of it, we can also a geographical identification of the categories in terms of gender and age of the target segments of these campaigns and a lot of goals, which are difficult to achieve when relying on traditional means.

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100k factory revolution review
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